About ESSF

ESSF is the student sports umbrella for Eindhoven. We represent all those using the student sports facilities, as well as the student sports associations in Eindhoven.

We do the following, among other things:

  • We advice the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven (SSCE) as a neutral advisor on student related policies.
  • We represent Eindhoven student sports as a member of Studentensport Nederland (SSN).
  • We represent Eindhoven student sports to the municipality and the TU/e and Fontys, as well as the rest of the student community.
  • We provide a platform for student sports associations (SSAs) to connect and share knowledge.
  • We connect students to sports through activities, such as the Van Lint Student Sport Week and Introduction Weeks.
  • We provide SSAs with information and subsidies to enable student sports.

Current ESSF Board

ESSF is currently represented by the following student board members.

Alexander Vlaar Chairman chairman@essf.nl
Bram Reedijk Secretary Secretary@essf.nl
Jeroen van de Water Treasurer Treasurer@essf.nl
All ESSF Boards

You can email all board members through their email addresses.
You can also reach all board members by email at: board@essf.nl


Committees help the ESSF board manage certain tasks or events. ESSF currently has the following committees:

  • Batavierenrace Committee
  • ICT Committee
  • KCC (Treasury Audit Committee)
  • RvA (Advisory Council)
  • Sports Gala Committee
  • Van Lint Student Sports Week Committee

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