COVID-19 Measures during the TU/e Introduction Week

Posted by ESSF

As announced by the government on the 6th of August, stricter measures have been imposed for activities during introduction weeks. To clarify these measures for associations and participants, the following post was made:

The following restrictions apply for our member associations up to the 31st of August:

  • 1,5 meters has to be kept at all times, except directly during sports activities, where we ask you not to share materials between participants and to clean materials in between timeslots.
  • All approved activities within the Intro Program can continue, but no new public physical activities can be organized (both inside and outside of the Program). Member activities, where no public access is allowed, are excluded from this rule and can continue using the same rules as before.
  • All drinks, barbecues etc. are cancelled when they are publically accessible.
  • No activities in 'club houses' (verenigingshuizen) or 'club rooms' are allowed. An exception may be made for those present to host a WLF activity, however, you should minimize the amount of attendants, and no non-members may be present.
  • No alcohol during all association or program activities, for all participants, helpers or anyone else present.

The following measures are taken at the SSCE:

  • During days that Introduction Week participants are present at the SSCE, no alcohol will be available until after the end of the programme (21:00). Introduction Week participants are strongly motivated to leave after this time.
  • Routing restrictions will stay in place: you can enter at the front entrance and leave through the back/side doors. Associations will lead Introduction Week participants through the correct route.
  • Toilets are open, clothing rooms and showers remain closed.


We hope that we can still organize a great Introduction Week with these restrictions! See you on campus!

For further information for associations, please contact us at
For media contact, please contact the Spokesperson of the TU/e: Ivo Jongsma, tel: 06 44420799